Last updated January 31, 1999

I saw nice people here, in the Russian land;
in the land of Russia, of Sasha and Natasha.
I met good people smiling against difficulties
of all the mathematics behind diffieties,
but not one word of sorrow among them,
just eyes sincere and true, sweet as the jam.
I had the opportunity to see many ancient things,
and fly over centuries with my new present: wings.
Two wings that took me here (the Aeroflot's, I mean);
others I was given to look such precious scenes:
images of old saints arriving from the past,
faces of good friends all together here, at last.
and pictures of gold memories within my mind,
will keep me warm at home, it's me that there you'll find.
I've heard that here the sea is infinite and smooth,
but nothing to compare with rare fellows as you.
You that were every day with us, each one of us,
He that gave much of everything of all he has,
She that showed us so many things, that's why I thank
We promise we'll keep all, as money in a bank.
You have to know one thing about Russians I met:
of all I prefer one. Who? That's my little bet,
but joyfully I let you choose the name, for fun.
Whatever you decide, it will be the right one.

Alberto Zanoni,

August 1999